FREE Printable World Zoology Cards


Your child can learn about different mammals, birds, and reptiles just by thumbing through a stack of these free, printable World Zoology Cards. There is one animal on each card with accompanying information such as weight and diet. What’s amazing is that these cards will also help a child learn geography. There are four animals […]

Montessori-Inspired FREE Printable Zoology Pack


Animals are always fun to study, aren’t they? Add another dimension to your child’s zoology study with this free, printable Zoology Pack. It has animal pictures and classification headings for categorizing animals and their body coverings. It will be a fascinating study!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

Free Pet Store Zoology Science Lesson For Kids


Turn a simple trip to your local pet store into a fun and engaging science field trip. You can introduce beginning concepts of zoology with this age-appropriate lesson that is adaptable for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade students.   Learn about habitats, attributes, scientific names, and more with this free printable lesson. Students choose an animal that they […]

FREE Future Veterinarian Pet Printable {For Pretend Playtime}


There are some future veterinarians out there that are going to love this free printable! It’s perfect for make-believe which, if you’ve been homeschooling for very long, you know is closely related to a child’s development. Maria Montessori said, “Play is the work of the child!” To read more about how it directly affects your child, […]

FREE Pet Emergency Printables for Zoology Study and Future Veterinarians


Maybe your student longs to one day be a veterinarian; or perhaps you are studying zoology in your homeschool this year. These free Pet Emergency Printables are perfect to support either the dream or the curriculum! It will be sure to interest and even excite your child! These printables explain how to perform CPR on cats […]

Free World Zoology Cards Printable


Your animal-loving children will love these cards! They feature animals – mammals, birds, and reptiles –  and information, such as their habitat and the prey/predator concept. There are four animals per continent, and the creator of the cards uses them to teach geography to her children. Two birds :: One stone. Great idea! Click here to […]

FREE Resources & Ideas To Use With Apologia’s “Exploring Creation with Land Animals”

Free Resources and Ideas to Use with Apologia's Young Explorer Books - Zoology 3

Land Animals of the Sixth Day is the third book in this series of free resources and ideas to use with Apologia’s Young Explorer Science Books. This book is very exciting! You get to learn about all the zoo animals and even dinosaurs. This would make for some great zoo field trips.Description for Land Animals of the Sixth […]