FREE WWII Unit Study and Printable Lapbook with How To Make Ration Cakes


WWII was a time of terror, yet it was full of the triumph of human survival. It is a worthy subject to study, and this lapbook will help your student delve deeply into its many layers. It’s full of minibooks and you can add all of them or only some of them! Click here to download your […]

WWII: On the American Home Front

World War II On the American Home Front

World War II: On the American Home Front looks at aspects of life at home during World War II. Through 46 pages, we’ll look at movies, baseball, rationing, Christmas, the radio, volunteerism, recycling, espionage, and more. Challenging research and writing prompts encourage students to dig deeper and reflect on what they are learning, and fun puzzles […]

FREE WWII Resources for Middle School


Are you Middle Schoolers learning about WWII this year? I love this FREE Unit Study designed for Middle Schoolers to learn About WWII. WWII can be a hard subject to tackle for younger kids and it is easier to explain when they are older. These resources give you some great ideas for hands-on activities, free […]

Free World War II Field Trip Guide


John Notgrass is a homeschool graduate. His grandfather served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Hearing his grandfather’s stories first-hand inspired John’s interest in history. John has created a field trip guide to help your family learn more about World War II. Historic sites and museums across the country preserve the memories and […]