Master World Geography in 7 Months or Less


Check out this easy and effective way for your homeschool to learn world geography in 7 months or less with the free ebook Globalmania. This homeschool geography book is recommended for grade levels 3-12. My daughter loves geography, but that’s not the case for most kids. The content can get really dry sometimes. Use this free ebook to […]

Ultimate YouTube Playlist for World Geography


This YouTube playlist is a lifesaver if you have middle or high school kids studying world geography. It’s an extensive (although not exhaustive) list of great video for every region of the world explaining the geography, the political situations, the history, and the culture of the place. You can use this playlist no matter what curriculum […]

Learning About the Continents FREE Printables and Resources: South America


This is the fourth post in our Learning About the Continents Series. Are you working on learning the 7 Continents in your homeschool? I thought it would be fun to put together an entire series that covers each continent with links to free printables, unit studies, resources and ideas for that specific continent.This week’s continent […]

Christmas Around the World FREE Printables and Ideas


Are you studying World History this year? How fun would it be to learn about how different parts of the world celebrate the different holidays?One of the fondest memories of our homeschool group we had was when we did a Christmas around the world celebration. We had a Christmas party and each family researched a […]

A Simple World Geography Plan with Notebooking and FREE Printables


Are you planning on studying World Geography this year? World Geography does not have to be scary and difficult it can actually be quite simple with this awesome plan! This World Geography plan has you create a world Geography notebook. We love notebooking in our homeschool! This plan has FREE Notebooking Pages and printable maps […]

FREE Geography Quiz-Which One Doesn’t Belong

Which One Doesn't Belong Geography Quiz

It’s just like the game but with a geography twist! Which mountain doesn’t belong in Africa? Kilimanjaro, Dhaulagiri, or Margherita? Which landmark doesn’t belong in France? Sacré Coeur, Millau Bridge, or Bran Castle? Test your student’s knowledge of twenty-five mountains, lakes, deserts, and landmarks with this fun geography quiz! An answer key is included. Just […]

Review of World Geography by Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC)


Review of World Geography by Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC) Description from the website: Price: $111.35 for the whole kit – earns one high school credit World Geography is available in six soft cover texts with six soft cover companion student activity books. The course is a study of the six basic geographic regions of the […]