The Best Spelling Apps for Kids


If you are looking for ways to help your learner with spelling skills, then these are the best spelling apps to use. These apps are great for kids in kindergarten through third grade. The apps are designed by a reading specialist, and are created using the principles of word study, a research-based approach to teaching […]

FREE Tale of Peter Rabbit Printables and Activities


With the movies of Peter Rabbit being such a hit in theaters, this Tale of Peter Rabbit free resource and activities will be a hit. The resource is geared towards Kindergarten-First Graders. This 19-page printable set contains a Notes Section,Vocabulary Word Cards, Comprehension Cards, Mrs. Rabbit Coloring Page, The Tale of Peter Rabbit Word Search, […]

Choose a Word for your New Year + a Free Journal Pack


The new trend is to choose a single word as a theme for the new year in place of or alongside your standard New Year’s resolutions. Have you chosen your word for the new year? Use this beautiful journaling pack to guide you through choosing your word for the new year, finding scriptures to commit to memory, and praying over the word you […]

FREE Printable Compound Word Matching Game


Sometimes students need a little help recognizing the two words that build a compound word. This free, printable Compound Word Matching Game is a fun way to learn them! The printables are available without text, in pre-cursive, and in standard. You can use the cards to play the classic “memory” game. Click here to download your […]

FREE Printable Blends Activity


Word blends are important for correct spelling and proper pronunciation. A little extra practice may be all your student needs to master the usage of them. These word blend activities are so cute, and they make it easy to practice!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress […]

Free Hot Cocoa Kindergarten Number Word Worksheets


Throughout the long winter days, countless cups of hot cocoa will be made! The next time your little one sits down to drink a cup, hand them a copy of these Free Hot Cocoa Kindergarten Number Word Worksheets to complete! Teaching your Kindergartner how to read and count are two of the most important lessons for […]