FREE Printable Math Worksheets


You name it, this website’s got it. If you need extra worksheets to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, word problems, skip counting, dot-to-dot, percent, time-telling or other math skills, you need this freebie! These simple, no-nonsense pages are free, so if your child needs recurring practice, you’ll have plenty of resources!Click here to download your free […]

FREE Printable 92 Page Dog-Themed Math Pack


I mean to tell you – this printable pack has it all! It has all kinds of worksheets perfect for the younger elementary student including 2D and 3D shapes, counting, calculating sums and difference, number lines, word problems and more! Unbelievably, there are 92 pages of worksheets, and each one uses friendly fonts, layouts, and […]

Help Your Student Solve Word Problems Without Relying On Key Words with FREE Printable


Who hates word problems worse: parents or students? I really think it’s a toss-up! My kids hate them and act like they can’t even comprehend the English language while I get tired of explaining the same things over and over. “This is what math looks like in the real world, honey. You’re not going to […]

Free June Problem of the Day Calendar


Looking for a super simple way to keep up your kids math skills over the summer? This low prep problem of the day calendar from Math Geek Mama is perfect! This download includes two different calendars for younger elementary and upper elementary. Each calendar is a single black and white page for easy printing! Download […]

FREE Printable Addition Word Problem Worksheets


Why do word problems seem so difficult to children? I try to encourage my own children that word problems are just what math looks like in the real world. They just sort of stare at me.You can break your children in early with these free, printable Addition Word Problem worksheets…they are perfect for early elementary students. Maybe they’ll […]