Free ED Word Family Worksheets


In this package, the teacher will find learning tools for the classroom: ED word family poster, word wall cards, flash cards and clip cards for literacy center and more. This collection includes a variety of hands-on worksheets and activities for kindergarten students. Kids learn to read, write, sorting, matching, chunking and spelling words with the […]

FREE Printable Vowel Word Family Houses


These free, printable word family houses are great for teaching short vowels groups to new readers learning to sound out new words! Instead of sounding out each individual sound, the reader reads the first sound and attaches it to the familiar word family name. (For instance, cat, fat, sat, etc.) They’re easy to assemble, just print […]

Free ‘At’ Word Family Puzzle


Puzzles are a great activity for your preschoolers to use in homeschooling! Learning to recognize words within a word family is an important step in learning to read! Reading can be a lot of fun when you add different activities to your little learners homeschooling! Your kids will have fun working on their reading with this […]

Free Dr. Seuss Word Family Hat Printable


Word families can help kids as they are learning to read! Learning how to read is more fun with themed reading activities. Dr. Seuss’ birthday provides countless opportunities for your kids to work on their reading skills, and this free printable is sure to encourage your kids to read! Your kids will have a great […]