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Weather Words for Kids {FREE Printable 3-Part Card Set}


Learning about the weather is so much fun! Children love to read weather books and observe the weather outside. In this post, there is a beautiful set of 16 weather words in 3-part cards that will helps kids learn more about the world around them.   This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. […]

FREE Printable Weather Pre-K Pack


Preschoolers and kindergarteners love talking about the weather. Rain, wind, sun, snow…they notice it all. Use this free, printable Weather Pre-K Pack to enhance your child’s learning about weather! The little illustrations make me happy just looking at them – rainbows, clouds, the sun – and they will do the same for your youngster!Click here to […]

FREE Printable Weather Unit Study


The weather is such an interesting topic to study with children. Like adults, they are naturally curious about the wind, rain, and the snow. (I know of some adults who like to keep the tv station tuned round-the-clock to the weather forecast!) Enjoy exploring the water cycle, seasons, disaster preparedness and more with this free, printable […]

FREE Printable Daily Calendar Page


Collecting and recording data are fun tasks especially when there’s something “official” to write it on. This free, printable Daily Calendar Page has a spot for recording the season, the date, the temperature, and more…perfect for the younger elementary student! The Calendar Page is also available in Spanish.Click here to download your free printables! Need […]

FREE Weathering vs. Erosion Earth Science Printable


The coast got pretty beat up from Hurricane Matthew. Have you seen the pictures? Whether or not you’re actually covering Earth Science in your homeschooling this year, now is the perfect time to discuss weathering vs. erosion. Let these free printables and perhaps pictures you’ve found from an internet search really bring the subject to […]

DIY Cloud Mobile with FREE Printable Cloud Template


How’s this for enhancing your weather study? While you talk about the types of clouds – cumulus, cirrus, or stratus – your student will love working on this do-it-yourself cloud mobile! The cloud template is for the delightfully fluffy, cumulus-style clouds.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

FREE Printable Paper Umbrella Craft


This is just too cute and would be a perfect accompaniment for a study on rainy weather! After printing, your student uses watercolors to add beautiful designs on the free Paper Umbrella Craft. It would also be terrific to use as a creative writing project. Let your kids do the craft and then create a story. […]

FREE How Tornadoes Form Printable


Depending on where you live in the United States, tornado season is near. Seems like the tornadoes get worse every year! Perhaps the danger will makes your children interested in studying tornadoes. They can do so with this free How Tornadoes Form printable.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save […]