FREE Printable Watercolor Solar System Memory Game


Don’t shoot me, but I have always thought that outer space was dull and drab until I saw this free printable. It is a beautiful, watercolor representation of the planets in the solar system! The printable, cut down into cards and used to play games, would be a great addition to an astronomy study.Click here […]

FREE Printable Forest Animal Valentine’s Cards


Valentine’s Day is such a fun time to let friends and family know how much they’re loved. Every year we were in co-op, we’d have a Valentine’s Day party. They were always fun, but my kids would get so stressed out over the cards they were making for others. (The girls would give to girls, […]

Watercolor Pencil 101 Tutorial Video and FREE Printable


I don’t know about your kids, but mine could do art all day long! Here’s a fun Watercolor Pencil 101 Tutorial Video and free printable for you to enjoy in your homeschooling! After you have completed the tutorial, you could go on to use watercolor pencils as a new medium for completing other coloring worksheets. […]