Thirty Summer Be Fun Ideas


Hooray for free time! The warm weather is a wonderful excuse to shoo the kids out of the house and let them play in the fresh air and sunshine. But, what happens when they get bored? (At that point, I just tell my kids that I have plenty of work they can do if they […]

Water Buyoancy Experiment with FREE Printable Record Sheet


Experiments are fun and can change your child’s entire attitude toward science. Just this week, my child and I were trudging dutifully through general science. I mean, we were so bogged down. I was tired of talking and he was tired of listening. Now, we don’t always do the experiments, but thankfully, when I turned […]

FREE Water Cycle Printable


Wow! This Water Cycle printable is super-detailed, organized, and cute! You and your children are going to learn so much about the water on earth. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and more – you’re going to love this! There are five pages alone just for the instructions! I can’t believe it’s free…there’s so much to it! Its creation […]