FREE Montessori Land, Air, and Water Activities


Explore this roundup of resources for Montessori land, air, and water activities for your homeschool preschoolers. Geography can be lots of fun for kids when it begins with hands-on activities. One of the first Montessori Geography activities that you can provide your early learner can be land, air, and water exploration. These introduction to Geography resources […]

Water Cycle Worksheets


Learning about the water cycle can be a little hard to grasp without visual aids to help it really come to life. This learning pack will help you young learner begin to see and identify the various elements of the water cycle. Head over to Living Life and Learning to get your free Water Cycle Worksheets […]

Thirty Summer Be Fun Ideas


Hooray for free time! The warm weather is a wonderful excuse to shoo the kids out of the house and let them play in the fresh air and sunshine. But, what happens when they get bored? (At that point, I just tell my kids that I have plenty of work they can do if they […]

Water Buyoancy Experiment with FREE Printable Record Sheet


Experiments are fun and can change your child’s entire attitude toward science. Just this week, my child and I were trudging dutifully through general science. I mean, we were so bogged down. I was tired of talking and he was tired of listening. Now, we don’t always do the experiments, but thankfully, when I turned […]

FREE Water Cycle Printable


Wow! This Water Cycle printable is super-detailed, organized, and cute! You and your children are going to learn so much about the water on earth. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and more – you’re going to love this! There are five pages alone just for the instructions! I can’t believe it’s free…there’s so much to it! Its creation […]