Teaching Vocabulary without a Curriculum


You don’t need a formal curriculum to teach your children Vocabulary. A lot of homeschooling parents are teaching Vocabulary already without even realizing it. Vocabulary can be taught through the literature that we read to our children. The key is choosing good quality literature for them to read. Learn more about teaching Vocabulary with subjects […]

FREE Vocabulary Practice Using Context Clues


If your homeschool is struggling with understanding and using vocabulary then this no-prep, printable freebie will help your students┬ámaster vocabulary. This freebie uses context clues to determine a word’s meaning. It shows examples of definition/explanation context clues, synonym/restatement context clues, antonym/contrast context clues, and inference context clues.┬áThis practice is great for progress monitoring and test-prep.The […]

10 Games to Play With Any Vocabulary Words with FREE Printables


Studying vocab words can be so borrrring. Zzzz. Liven things up for your student with these 10 games. You can play them with any vocab words, and many of them have free printables that will enable you to start playing right away! If you’re not careful, you’re going to have a child that’s begging to […]

FREE Printable Life Cycle of a Snowflake Booklet and Worksheets


There’s something special about snow – kids love it and wish for it. Maximize on their interest by learning about snowflakes with this free, printable booklet and worksheets! There’s a recommended book list to give you some different narratives to round out your study, and two versions of the booklet. You pick which one is […]