Homeschool Resources for Learning All About Israel


It is important, to us as Christians, to teach our children about the land of Israel. Grab a variety of  resources for the whole family to learn more about Israel including books, videos, websites, Hebrew language, and more. You can take your homeschool on a virtual educational travel experience to Israel from one place. The […]

FREE US History Videos for Kids


Your kids will love these great resources to learn about US History. This series of Liberty’s Kids videos are excellent to keep your homeschool intrigued. If you are studying US History, then these videos will be a hit with the kids to keep them interested and to make learning history fun. Learning about the United […]

10 Exciting Astronomy Videos to Use in Your Homeschool


If you’re looking to teach your kids astronomy, these videos are perfect for your homeschool. I just went through some of them and I am so excited to use this resource for my daughter’s astronomy lessons this year. Using videos to teach astronomy makes sense and will help your child retain what they learn. This resource also […]

Creation Audios and Videos for All Ages


Creation audios and videos have been great ways for our family to really learn about about the Creator, and how to defend their faith, even against evolution statements. Audios and videos seem to help my homeschool retain information better, so I am excited about these. Learning about Creation is important to their walk with Christ and […]

Human Body Videos for Kids


There’s a reason why children love to watch tv. It’s completely entertaining! Turn that appetite for amusement into something productive with these Human Body Videos For Kids! There are over 20 videos that cover the muscular system, the skeletal system, the nervous system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the urinary system, […]

Math Concepts Series: FREE Printables & Ideas for Teaching Rounding Numbers

rounding numbers

This is the first post in our Math Concepts Series!This is the beginning in a series of posts that will cover math concepts that some children may struggle to understand or need extra help with. I have two struggling learners and I have been pouring over many different ideas and helps for them. I am […]