52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know (FREE Printables)


Kids absorb so much. Sometimes I covet their minds and how fresh they are; being that I feel like I forget so much. My kids amaze me when memorizing scripture especially. Put the scripture into a song, and it’s even better. I am so glad to share with you these FREE printables to help your […]

14 Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Children (FREE Printable Bible Verse Cards)


So, one time I was in a woman’s bible study and the leader asked what prayers do we pray over our children. I am embarrassed to say that all I thought was “Do I even regularly pray scripture over my children?”. (Please tell me, I am not alone.) Thankfully, the bible study leader printed out […]

10 Verses For When You Are Having a Bad Day


Everyone has bad days now and again; it’s the seasonsĀ of perpetual bad days that are exceptionally discouraging. It’s said that everyone has either just left a trial, is going through a trial, or is headed into a trial. Whether your trial is health-related, homeschool-related, or somewhere in between, arm yourself with these encouraging words of […]