FREE Printable U.S. State Worksheets


Everyone learns better when a little variation is added into the mix. If you have a student studying geography or U.S. history this year, you’re going to love all the various worksheets available for free! There are crosswords, unscrambles, and various other types of worksheets that you can print at home!Click here to continue reading […]

Creative U.S. History Ideas for the Classroom


U.S. History is important for every young and old American to study. If you’re looking for some interesting ways to breathe some life into your child’s curriculum, check out these Creative U.S. History Ideas! They will get your child’s creative juices flowing and help him┬áto take a personal interest in the states’ history!Click here to […]

FREE U.S. Regions Printable Pack


It’s fun to study the individual states of our nation, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the facts. Perhaps your student would enjoy grouping the states together by learning about the regions of the United States. The main project is making a poster and is accompanied by directions, pictures, organizer for notes, […]