U.S. Presidents Bingo!

US Presidents Bingo and Quiz Game, Volume 1

Are you looking for a way to add some fun to your study of past Presidents of the United States? U.S. Presidents Bingo and Quiz Game, Volume 1 is a simple, free way to do just that! Thirty-six trivia questions test students’ knowledge of the first twelve U.S. Presidents, from Washington to Taylor, with thirty-six trivia questions. […]

U.S. President Fact Cards – New Subscriber only Freebie


Special Freebie for Presidents Day! Get your FREE U.S. Presidents Fact Cards Subscriber Only Freebie Contains a fact card for each President from George Washington to Barack Obama Each card displays… Photo and Name Date of Birth & Death Party affiliation Age when inaugurated Term A famous fact The download also has 1 blank card to […]