U.S. Presidents’ Quotes- FREE Printable Writing Prompts


With all these talks buzzing around about the mid-term elections, I thought I might as well share these super cool writing prompts for the sake of politics.These FREE set of creative writing prompts and notebooking pages from the quotes of U. S. Presidents will be a good way to get kids interested in being informed. […]

U.S. Presidents Bingo!

US Presidents Bingo and Quiz Game, Volume 1

Are you looking for a way to add some fun to your study of past Presidents of the United States? U.S. Presidents Bingo and Quiz Game, Volume 1 is a simple, free way to do just that! Thirty-six trivia questions test students’ knowledge of the first twelve U.S. Presidents, from Washington to Taylor, with thirty-six trivia questions. […]

U.S. President Fact Cards – New Subscriber only Freebie


Special Freebie for Presidents Day! Get your FREE U.S. Presidents Fact Cards Subscriber Only Freebie Contains a fact card for each President from George Washington to Barack Obama Each card displays… Photo and Name Date of Birth & Death Party affiliation Age when inaugurated Term A famous fact The download also has 1 blank card to […]