Great Character Building Tools and Resources


Check out these awesome character building tools and resources to help you in your home. These resources will help build godly character in your children. It isn’t easy to do all of the time, but it requires time and planning. Your child can go to Sunday school weekly, however the teaching of God’s Word begins […]

Practical Tools and Tips to Make Bible Memory Easy


There are some practical tools and tips to make Bible memory a little more easy for the kiddos. If your kids are feeling overwhelmed with memorizing Bible verses, you may need to change things up and refocus. I personally believe memory verse is incredibly important as God’s Word never returns void. The more our kids […]

FREE Products and Tools for Teaching Kids with Dyslexia


Learn about free products and tools for teaching your homeschooler with dyslexia. Sometimes, it feels like you are making very little progress with your child on reading. Thankfully, there are loads of resources, tools, products, and information available to help you along in this reading journey with overcoming dyslexia. Its better for your kids to […]

FREE Reverse Engineering Printable Worksheet


This is a great opportunity for the kids who like to tinker! (Often our boys.) These children can learn by destruction and love the idea of learning by tearing equipment apart. Do you have an old blender or keyboard just sitting around? Let your child disassemble it and record the process on a Reverse Engineering Worksheet. […]

FREE Construction Zone Riddle Reader for Pre-K/ K


Are you looking for something simple and fun to read with your little boy? Check out this FREE construction zone themed riddle reader from The Road to 31. Learning about basic tools and construction vehicles this book asks simple questions and the child will name the item. The answer to the question is traceable beneath […]