FREE Printable Bible Timeline


Timelines are terrific tools to help us picture the chronological correlation events have to one another. Because it can help them tie together the facts, timelines are especially helpful for children who are learning history. There are over 200 events from Biblical and World History that are included in this free, printable Bible Timeline as well as other […]

FREE Printable Bible Notebooking Pages


Children are never too young to learn about the true and living God. It’s helpful to have visual helps when studying the Bible. I’m an adult, and I still love to reference maps when reading about Paul’s missionary journeys or how the land was given to the 12 tribes of Israel! These free, printable Bible […]

FREE Washington State History Printable

Washington History Printable

Which countries have claimed the area that is today the state of Washington? What are some of its major industries? Can you locate its major cities? Check out this free 7-page printable about Washington state history and create a map of the state, put a list of events in chronological order, and then use research prompts […]

FREE North Dakota State History Printable

North Dakota Becomes a State

November 2 marks the anniversary of when North Dakota became a state in 1889. This state history and geography printable traces the development of North Dakota from early exploration through statehood. Explore the birthplace of famous individuals including Lawrence Welk, Louis L’Amour, Roger Maris, and many more. Create a map of the state, put a […]

FREE Printable French Revolution Minibook


Timelines are helpful for students because they put events in visually-concise, chronological order. This is more helpful for some learning styles than others, because some children just want the bare bones of history. They want to see where events fits into history. This free, printable French Revolution Minibook lays out the events that lead up to the […]

FREE California State History Printable

California State History Printable

California became the 31st state of the Union on September 9, 1850. It’s the birthplace of Sally Ride, Venus Williams, Peggy Fleming, Joe DiMaggio, Vince Guaraldi, and countless celebrities including Shirley Temple! Explore California history with this timeline and research printable. Create a map of the state, put a list of events in chronological order, and then […]

FREE Florida State History Printable

FREE Florida State History Printable

It’s home to both the oldest settlement in the United States and one of the most iconic sites from the space race, Cape Canaveral. It attracts visitors from around the world, whether they are seeking sunshine, NASCAR, or a field trip for the imagination. Explore Florida history with this timeline and research printable. Create a […]

FREE Pennsylvania State History Printable

Pennsylvania History Printable

It’s had a long history, from its days as one of the original colonies to the nuclear age. It’s home to the first profitable oil well drilled in the United States, a major battle of the Civil War, and the first Little League World Series. But how much do you really know about Pennsylvania history? […]