U.S. Presidents’ Quotes- FREE Printable Writing Prompts


With all these talks buzzing around about the mid-term elections, I thought I might as well share these super cool writing prompts for the sake of politics.These FREE set of creative writing prompts and notebooking pages from the quotes of U. S. Presidents will be a good way to get kids interested in being informed. […]

Teaching Kids to be Innovators


Your child can learn how to be an innovator with Innovator Tribe’s How to Teach Your Child to Think Like an Innovator free online course. We rant and rave about our kids being creative thinkers, however without actually making things happen, the idea is just an idea. Innovator Tribe has online resources for students grades […]

Disney’s The Queen of Katwe with FREE Printable


Chess is a game that I’ve been playing since I was a child, so it’s easy to assume that everyone knows how to play. (Not that I’m great at it, but I do know a pawn from a bishop.) You can use these free printables to learn chess strategies and strengthen your child’s logic skills! Click here […]