How to Build the Alamo: Day 5 Hands-on Learning (Free Texas Unit Study)


Learn how to Build the Alamo: Day 5 Hands-on Learning (Free Texas Unit Study). Building the Alamo is an amazing help and good way to learn about Texas and its geography. Texas is a larger than life state. Its really important in spearheading homeschool and a homeschooler’s rights. This makes learning about it even more important […]

50 States Series: Texas

Everything you need to teach and/or learn about the great state of Texas. From free printables to must see places to visit, to crafts, activities and more! ::

Living in Oklahoma more than half my life, Texas was a frequent destination for vacations, weekend getaways and even to the airport to fly out somewhere. My oldest brother even lived in Texas for several years, so we visited then as well. My youngest brother graduated from basic training for the Air Force in San […]

17 FREE Printable Alamo Resources


It’s interesting to think that Texas once belonged to Mexico. You and your child can study the history of how Texas broke free from Mexico with these 17 free, printable Alamo resources! These resources include coloring sheets, information on how 50 Texas cities got their names, a Remembering The Alamo Timeline, and much more! Click here […]