FREE “R” Controlled Vowels Posters


Are you teaching your kiddos how to read? R-controlled vowel words can be a challenge for kids to sound out and spell during your journey. Of course, learning the r-controlled sounds are important for your kids to read and spell more complex words. R-Controlled Vowels are often referred to as the “Bossy R” because the […]

Teaching Kids to Respect and Not Be a Bully


Teaching children to respect others and not be a bully can be hard sometimes. Many times we don’t even realize what is going on with the children when we are all together in a homeschool group. We see our homeschool kids together, socializing so we assume it is all fine and dandy. However, that isn’t […]

Incorporating Charlotte Mason Into Your Homeschool


There are many ways to incorporate the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method in your homeschool. Charlotte Mason believed that true education happens in an environment that encourages a lifetime of learning. Many homeschool families have adopted this method to teach their children through an engaging style that produces great academic results. Check out these 7 simple […]

FREE Printable Learning Folder for Early Years


This free printable folder will help you prepare your young learner for school. The folder will help you get some structure to your child’s day. The topics in the folder will cover the most important things for your preschooler to learn in their first year of homeschool. The folder is organized with the easiest pages […]

FREE Products and Tools for Teaching Kids with Dyslexia


Learn about free products and tools for teaching your homeschooler with dyslexia. Sometimes, it feels like you are making very little progress with your child on reading. Thankfully, there are loads of resources, tools, products, and information available to help you along in this reading journey with overcoming dyslexia. Its better for your kids to […]

5 Things You Need to Know About the Waldorf Method


Every child learns differently, so it is important to know and understand different teaching methods. The Waldorf method is a teaching method developed by Steiner-Waldorf in which he focuses on imaginative learning and holistically learning intellectual, practical and artistic skills. If your child learns better with less structure and through holistic approaches, don’t miss out on these […]