FREE Printable 92 Page Dog-Themed Math Pack


I mean to tell you – this printable pack has it all! It has all kinds of worksheets perfect for the younger elementary student including 2D and 3D shapes, counting, calculating sums and difference, number lines, word problems and more! Unbelievably, there are 92 pages of worksheets, and each one uses friendly fonts, layouts, and […]

FREE Printable Addition Worksheets


I gotta tell you: these worksheets look like so much fun! Free, printable addition worksheets that have been created for use with a do-a-dot marker (bingo-type marker) make practicing sums a fun activity for elementary students. If you don’t have one of these markers, a small sticker or even crayons will do the trick.Click here […]

FREE Printable Math Apple Puzzle


This free, printable Math Apple Puzzle is a great review of basic addition skills…perfect for the beginning of the school year. It reviews odd and even numbers, and makes it fun by having the student color in the picture based on the sum.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]