Summer Money Puzzles


Learning how to recognize money to their value is a very important math skill. These money puzzles are a great way to help your young learner begin to recognize their monetary values and have fun at the same time.     Head over to Living Life and Learning to receive your free Summer Money Puzzles! Need An […]

Summer Activities and Crafts for Toddlers


 This great collection of summer activities for toddlers will be perfect for your family. These crafts and activities to play outside are great and handy to have around or schedule into your routine. They are perfect for 1,2 and 3 year olds. These will be great for quality time with your young learner.Click here for an […]

Fun Summer Math Puzzles


Math can get a little boring for little ones. That is why having themed resources is always a great idea. These summer math puzzles do not disappoint. Your young learner will be adding together varies fun summer type objects to help keep their interest in their math.   To receive your copy of the Summer […]

10 Hobbies Perfect for Summer Fun- FREE Learning Checklist


Check out these 10 hands-on hobbies that your kids would love doing during the summer. These aren’t just any activities, they  are focused and fun learning activities. Your kids will not be bored and they may just foster the love of hobbies. Summer has proven to be molding times for most children, so its a great opportunity to […]

FREE Summer Homeschool Plans


Keep these handy tips, ideas and plans for a fun and educational way to spend your summer months. Don’t discount the idea of “homeschooling” over the summer with a more relaxed and flexible approach. This resource will give you a few summer homeschool plans to get you headed in the right direction.Click here for free […]