Monitor Reading Progress- FREE Comprehension Strategy Forms


These free resources are great to use for monitoring your homeschool’s progress with comprehension strategies throughout the year. The form lists the metacognitive strategies and comprehension skills along with observable data to capture growth. The forms are helpful for planning your  instruction as well as keeping RTI data. There is a rubric for you to document your child’s current […]

Helping Your Child Get Motivated and Organized


This may seem like a surprise to you, but some kids just aren’t organized or motivated. I am kidding. I think most of us can relate to having a child like this, or at least, knowing one. We can take steps to be intentional about teaching and practicing basic organizational skills with our kids. Check […]

5 Self-Control Strategies for Christian Parents


There are self-control strategies that, as parents, we can learn to help our reactions to stressors. It is best to make a plan of what to do when we feel angry. I truly admire women with a meek spirit. You really can see the fruit of a mom with a meek spirit. I talk about […]

10 Ideas to Teach Science Vocabulary


Check out some ways to bring a little more excitement and creativity to science vocabulary in your homeschool. This resource includes everything from word drawings, whole brain teaching, interactive computer games, concept maps and more. These varying strategies are effective methods to introduce vocabulary in your science lessons. Not only do these ideas include vocabulary […]

Top Ten Test Taking Strategies with FREE Printables


Prepare your students to be ready for test days with these top ten test-taking strategies. These strategies can help ease their anxieties and help them to take tests without added stress. Some kids clam up during tests, it is more common than you would think. Provide the children you know with the tools needed to help them […]

20 FREE Addition and Subtraction Activities for Kids

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So, apparently, they say that children should have daily experiences with addition and subtraction strategies and activities. Which makes these activities for kids super useful for the busy mom. These give students the practice they need to prepare them to solve problems and apply strategies in real life problems and everyday life. Click HERE for Proud to […]