Experiment for Finding Volume- FREE Story and Worksheet


Check out these simple science experiments about finding and comparing volumes of objects. This is Part 2 of the project, and you can find Part 1 by clicking here. This awesome resource shows measuring volume and comparing sizes of unusual shapes through water displacement with a story of Archimedes and the mystery of the golden crown. […]

FREE Printable Calm Down Strategies Story for Kids


With all the family that may be in town and all the yummy candy during the holiday season, you may find that your kids are just a bit more ‘active’ than usual. Some of us may need a bit more help during Christmas time and the holiday season with calming down our joyful little ones. […]

DIY Nativity Story Stones


Painted rocks are all the rage nowadays. Have you seen them? They are inexpensive and fun to paint. Many people form groups and paint and hide them for others to unexpectedly find. In my own community, they are left everywhere – under trees, in bushes, on swing sets – for children to find. It’s a […]

FREE Point of View Posters

point ofview posters

When we talk about point of view, we basically mean the perspective from which a story is being told. Point of view sets each character apart as we see how each character interprets the world around them. It is super important for your homeschooler to understand first person and third person point of view during […]

Story Writing Ideas for Kids with FREE Printables


My kids have made a lot of sour faces through the years, but none more often than when I said the words, “Write a paper about it.” It could be mental laziness, but usually a child resists creative writing because he doesn’t know where to start. These free printables are going to help your student organize […]

Story Stone Ideas ~ Story Telling with Rocks

5-Ways-to-Make-and-Use-Story-Stones (1)

Rock art and crafts have been all the rage for some time, but has your homeschool made or used story stones? The sky’s the limit in terms of the items you depict on the stones. Or how your homeschool can use your story stones to tell a story. Your homeschooler can draw or paint simple […]

FREE Harry the Dirty Dog Printable Pack


Harry the Dirty Dog is such a delightful story! Youngsters love it because of the naughty doggie. Parents love it because it so artfully illustrates the virtues of obedience and taking a bath! Enjoy Harry’s story with this free, printable pack.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

FREE Printable Story Trains Writing Activity


Ack! I get so excited whenever I see a train. It’s a throw-back to my Thomas the Tank Engine years. No, not really my Thomas the Tank Engine Years – my children’s. When you’ve watched 392 of the 466 episodes plus several of the movies, you realize it’s a hard habit to break.Boys and girls alike […]