18 Brilliant Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray


I literally have had about 5 ice cube trays stored in cabinets… just collecting dust. I had no need for them anymore. That is why  I am so glad to find ways to use ice cube trays. They are actually truly, totally brilliant. From real food kitchen help to non-edible ideas, these are super useful. There […]

Homeschooling at the Grocery Store with 17 Pages of FREE Printables


If you have children, you surely understand the challenges of grocery shopping with them. Keeping them content with themselves and their siblings can be overwhelming! Here are some real-life ways to make trips to the grocery store fun and educational!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

Freebie- Scavenger Hunts For All Occasions


Do your kids get bored waiting at the doctors office or grocery shopping? Do you want to occupy your kids while stuck indoors or at a family get-together? Do you want your kids to get excited about going to the park or taking a walk in the forest? Check out this new freebie- Scavenger Hunts for […]