Electricity STEM: Lighting Up a Shoebox Tiny House


This electricity STEM activity of lighting up a shoebox tiny house is perfect for teaching how electricity works. Learning how electrical circuits work is an important science skill for kids 4th grade and up. When they understand how electricity works, they will have an appreciation of how other things in the home work and link together. […]

21 STEM Activities for Elementary School Aged Kids


Check out these 21 STEM activities for elementary aged kids. The activities will challenge and engage your elementary school aged kids and help them fall in love with the STEM subjects. STEM is a cool approach to teaching and learning the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM activities use all of these subjects together to solve real-world […]

Free STEM Activity for Young Learners: A Hands-on Unplugged Coding Game


Are you looking for STEM activities to use with younger students? Would you like to introduce your students to some of the skills needed for computer coding? This activity was created for young kids to practice coding skills in an unplugged, fun, and hands-on way. In this printable game, students will write up to five […]

FREE Printable Gliding Robot STEM Activity for Kids


This fun gliding robot STEM activity for kids combines creativity with scientific thinking. In this robot craft, your homeschool children will color a free printable robot and turn it into a gliding robot toy. Kids will have fun coloring designs and patterns on their robot templates. You will be happily surprised at all the kinds of predictions and […]

FREE STEM Foosball Challenge


This STEM Challenge is made for kids as they engineer a foosball table with players competing on two teams. It’s a perfect team building project with students choosing between building the playing field, the players, or decorating the model. This STEM activity was designed and tested with 4th and 5th-grade students and it’s completely free. […]

Olympics STEM Activity: Create a graph with Google Sheets


Sneak in some STEM learning while you watch the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Check out this STEM activity from Techie Homeschool Mom that will teach your kids some math and technology skills.   As you track medal standings during the Olympic Games, your family will learn about spreadsheets and graphs. Using a template, you’ll create […]

Using LEGOs to Learn Coding with FREE Printable Activity


If you have a child that loves LEGOs, chances are that he also has a knack with technology. Computer coding is the language that computers use; they don’t use letters from our alphabet the way we do. Amazingly, even very young children can begin to learn coding, laying down the groundwork for a greater understanding […]

How to Put Together Inexpensive STEM Ideas with FREE Printable


You just never know when your child will be hit with the creative bug, and it’s nice to have trinkets on hand. I Googled “STEM supplies” and several STEM websites popped up with kits starting about $100. Hard to believe! While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing supplies, the truth is that you probably have lots […]