50 States and Capitals Flash Cards


If you are on the look out for a fun way for your kids to memorize the states and capitals, then these flash cards are just what you need. They are fun, colorful, and they have the states and capitals all in one card. Use alongside your  lessons or for practice. Your kids will have all 50 states […]

How to Study Geography and FREE Printables


Read some great advice on how to study geography in your homeschool and get free printable cards for interactive learning states and capitals. Geography is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, geography is super important, especially when it comes to Biblical events and our history. This resource will give you an idea of how to […]

Sketch the Fifty States with a FREE Printable Workbook


Snatch up this free printable book to help kids learn the fifty states through a doing research and sketching. Each page contains a few facts that your homeschooler may or may not know off the top of their head. With the internet and the amazing resources out there, your learner can find these facts easily. Instead […]

FREE U.S. State Printable Worksheets for Kids


If you will be providing a unit study on the United States this year, this freebie of states printable worksheets will be great for your homeschool. There are printable worksheets for every state that range from crosswords, paragraph or sentence writing, flash cards and more. Don’t miss out on these FREE worksheets to go alongside […]

FREE Printable State Coloring Pages


Coloring pages are a great way to focus your child’s mind on the topic of conversation. These free, printable State Coloring Pages are a great supplement to a standard geography course or even as a stand-alone flyover! For instance, if you’re studying geography and discussing the state of Hawaii, your student will be keyed into the […]

FREE Printable States and Capitals Worksheet


Studying America’s states and capitals is so much more fun when a child can color the map as they learn. You can access the States and Capitals in ABC Order (alphabetical order) worksheets for free!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online […]

Homeschooling State By State


How familiar are you with the resources and ideas for homeschooling in your state? Florida, the state my family lives in, happens to be a wonderful state to homeschool in, but the reality is that every state is unique and has its own individual benefits! The link will take you to a page that spotlights […]

FREE U.S. Regions Printable Pack


It’s fun to study the individual states of our nation, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the facts. Perhaps your student would enjoy grouping the states together by learning about the regions of the United States. The main project is making a poster and is accompanied by directions, pictures, organizer for notes, […]