FREE Utah State History Printable

Utah History Printable

Utah is a state in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. While many of the people live in the cities, and manufacturing is important to the economy, it is also a state with great natural  beauty. There are five national parks, many national monuments, numerous National Historic sites, three national forests that lie […]

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Oklahoma History Printable

Oklahoma’s location is midway between the east and west coasts of the nation, which makes it an important location for business. About three-fourths of the state is covered in farmland and cattle ranches. Oklahoma is also a major wheat-producing state. It’s home to many museums including the Cherokee Heritage Center, Gilcrease Museum, the National Cowboy […]

FREE New Jersey State History Printable

New Jersey History Printable

From manufacturing to inventing, New Jersey has played a key role in the nation’s history. During the early days of the country, New Jersey provided much of the iron used to make artillery during the American Revolution. Many years later, Thomas Edison invented the electric light and the phonograph at his laboratories in New Jersey, […]

FREE Indiana State History Printable

Indiana History Printable

Indiana’s history as “The Crossroads of America” go back to the days of the pioneers and the Cumberland Road (National Road, now U.S. Highway 40). The state is part of the midwestern corn belt as well as an important manufacturing state. It’s also the birth state of many famous people including Vice President Mike Pence, […]

FREE South Dakota State History Printable

South Dakota History Printable

South Dakota has land for agriculture, natural beauty, and fascinating places to visit such as the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Badlands National Park, and the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. Come learn more about the history of the state where Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, John Thune, Carroll Hardy, Dave Collins, and […]