FREE Printable Constellation Luminary Paper Craft


Of all the freebies I’ve passed along to you, this is one of my favorites! I have always felt that while the stars and the night sky are beautiful, to identify and draw an imaginary line between the stars to form a constellation is difficult. Maybe it’s the linear way that my mind works, but […]

FREE Solar System Learning Pack

Solar System Worksheets for Kids_thumb[2]

Enhance your Solar System unit study with these FREE printable solar system worksheets. Children have a natural interest in and love learning about the solar system- stars, sun, planets… you name it. It truly is amazing to them, and even to us, how vast our solar system is. In these printable worksheets, you will find solar […]

Free Unit Study about Stars


Online Unit Studies are a great way to add more technology into your homeschooling. Right now the Stars Online Unit Study is FREE to new subscribers. With this online course for homeschoolers, your family will…. Learn about the different types of stars Travel the universe to view close-up images of stars Explore your night sky and discover constellations […]

FREE Printable Stargazing Scavenger Hunt


Here in Florida, you would never want to go stargazing during the summer. The mosquitoes might very well pick you up and carry you away. But, now that our evenings are cooling off, it’s the perfect time to stargaze! Your student can enjoy the night sky even more when you have him identify the moon phases […]

FREE Stars Unit Study


Techie Homeschool Mom is currently offering the Stars Online Unit Study FREE to subscribers. With this homeschool course integrating multiple subjects, your family will…. Learn about the different types of stars Travel the universe to view close-up images of stars Explore your night sky and discover constellations Create models of constellations and share in a photo […]

FREE Survey of Astronomy Teacher’s Guide


Almighty God created the heavens. To know this and behold the night sky is a thing of wonder; it brings significance to one’s life. Your student can observe and study the night sky with Survey of Astronomy, a science built on a biblical foundation. To help you learn more about Survey of Astronomy, is […]

FREE Printable Summer Stargazing Constellation Map


Summer is the perfect time for stargazing. There’s no need to worry about staying up too late – relaxed summer schedules usually allow for sleeping in. This Summer Stargazing Constellation Map will show you and your child the stars and constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy God’s wonderful creation together!Click here to download your free […]

DIY Constellation Projector with FREE Printable Constellation Cards


You may be studying astronomy over the summer, or you may just have a household of kids that love the night sky. Because the days last so long, most younger elementary-aged kids are in bed before the stars come out. Never fear, they can still enjoy the constellations with this DIY Constellation Projector with free, […]

FREE Constellation Printable


Oh, this is just fantastic! The Bible tells us that the heavens declare the handiwork of God. Study God’s handiwork, the constellations, with this fun, free Constellation printable! Follow the link to find your free printables and a recipe for fruit gummies. (Ordinary, store-bought gummies would work perfectly fine.) The printables include eight different star […]