FREE Printable 36-Week First Grade Spelling Program


Spelling is an important skill to master, so we need to have our children start to tackle it even at the younger grade levels. It may not seem fair, but one’s spelling accuracy conveys a message beyond the words chosen for a paragraph. Just think back to the last time you saw a facebook post or mail […]

FREE Printable 36-Week High School Spelling Program


Spelling programs can seem dull with no clear direction. This free, printable 36-week program is based on research, and each week it covers specific trouble spots. It’s geared for the high schooler, but might even be appropriate for some eighth graders.Click here to download your free printables!

Printable Dictionary for Kids


Free printable dictionary for kindergarten and first-grade students to build essential phonics skills. This dictionary includes CVC, CCVC, CVCC words. Print this dictionary once and practice all year long. Plus! It includes word lists divided by families. A teacher can pick required words and easily plan the next lesson.  Download a printable dictionary for kids here.

52 FREE Printable Sound it Out Cards


Print out a set of these Sound It Out Cards, grab some letter tiles, and set your child ablaze! He will find it a joy to spell the words out. If a mistake is made, there’s no tedious erasing because he can simply remove the letter tile in error. This activity is perfect for the younger […]

FREE Printable Popcorn Party Spelling Game


Popcorn is synonymous with fun and excitement. Bring a little fun and excitement to your homeschooler’s day when you introduce her to this Popcorn Party Spelling Game! She’ll learn through sight, sound, and touch as the game increases motivation and mastery. This game is appropriate for all learning levels.Click here to download your free printables!

FREE Printable Symptoms of Dyslexia Screening Checklist


If your child has great difficulty reading, spelling, sequencing, or handwriting, you may be doing your best to help and it still may not seem like enough. Dyslexia is a common reading and spelling disability that affects about 10% of students. Check out this free, printable Symptoms of Dyslexia Screening Checklist to see if you need […]