FREE Spelling Hopscotch Game


There really is no getting around teaching spelling. This free spelling game for kids can be used for any word list. All you will need to do is print and play. This spelling practice is an easy, no prep way to get kids to practice their spelling words. Traditional practices have their place and you […]

FREE Printable Boggle Letters Game


Spelling practice often brings a groan, but this free, printable Boggle Letters Game will bring screams of joy. (If only!) Let’s be realistic here… Maybe your children won’t scream with joy, but you might be able to sneak spelling practice into their day without tears or dread on their part! The printable includes the entire […]

FREE Roll & Write Spelling Pages for Short Vowel Words


This is a great way to make spelling not so boring! Don’t let your kids just copy words over and over, this is an alternative to the usual repetitive way. All you need is the printable, a pencil, and a die.DOWNLOAD IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with […]