FREE Tree Educational Videos and Songs


In the fall, the air feels crisp and the trees are just beautiful. These free tree songs, rhymes, and educational videos are for a variety of ages. Your homeschool can use them to learn about trees and seasons. Trees can be studied at any time of year, although spring and fall are probably the most […]

30+ FREE (Fun) Music Theory Resources


As a previous early learning teacher, Sunday school teacher and mom, I have come to the conclusion that children LOVE music. Music gets the kid’s attention, helps them learn, brings about peace and joy, and just so much more. Even now, my children (a little older- 8 and 11), find it better memorizing scripture if they […]

FREE Printable Cue Cards For Skip Counting & Multiplication Tables


My daughter struggled with memorizing her multiplication table… a lot. If I knew then what I know now, I would have made things a lot easier for myself… and her, poor thing. These large printable cue cards can help kids remember the songs to sing the multiplication tables for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & […]

Preschool Songs For the Entire School Year with FREE Printables

Colored Note Keys on Xylophone Toy

Children love music especially songs that are tailored for their age. If you’ve got a preschooler, you know how fun it is to teach them the basics of life such as colors or the seasons. Here is an entire school year’s worth of preschool songs to enjoy together. There’s also several free printables!Click here to […]

FREE Printable Sunday School Lessons


Do you have Bible time with your children? It’s important that they hear the good news of God’s Word from their parents at home, not just while at church. Even if you currently have a devotional that you use with your kids, this free, printable Sunday school curriculum is perfect for teaching your children! This is an […]