FREE 19-Page PreK and K Printables Packet

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This early time in the school year seems like a good time to share this 19-page free packet of basic kindergarten and preschool skills worksheets and printables. This freebie features back to school themes, and a fun group of school-bound monsters themed worksheets. Regular worksheets are good, but who wants to be regular? Try something new […]

FREE Preschool and Kindergarten Printables


If you are homeschooling your preschooler on a budget, then you can’t miss out on this free resource of over 100 printables. You definitely can homeschool preschool and not have to spend an arm and a leg. This post literally has over one hundred free preschool printables for you to teach your young precious learners […]

10 Inspiring Engineering Books for Kids


Check out these 10 inspiring engineering books for kids for your homeschool. When children engineer in a learning environment, research suggests there will be various positive outcomes. Children tend to become engaged citizens, have career success, learn 21st century skills and more. Your kids will love discovering how inventors and engineers came up with many […]

FREE Division No Prep Packet


This free division no prep packet introduces 8 fun and effective ways to master division facts. Mastering basic division facts is super important, and making it fun is a bonus for struggling kids. Some students really struggle with the basic math operations. If students can master the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division early on, all other math […]

Create Easy Paper Butterflies


Help your children create this easy butterfly craft this summer. It will be a hit. Once the kids get started you will see that in no time, you will have a swarm of beautiful and unique butterflies for keepsakes. My daughter is like me and loves butterflies. She is going to love putting these together […]

How to Improve Math Skills Over the Summer


Redbird Math is a fantastic tool to improve math skills over the summer. It is the perfect program to help average and above average math students improve math skills; yes, even during the summer. Redbird Mathematics Advanced Edition is an online math program for kids from grades K-7. Learn more about it here. Help improve your homeschool’s math skills […]