Licorice Math Angles and Shapes with FREE Printable


Now this is my kind of math!Who am I kidding? You could dip the worksheet in chocolate and I could still never honestly say I have an affinity for math. When working with math, manipulatives are especially valuable for the kid who hates it! Even my daughter (who despises math) said, “That looks fun!” So […]

FREE 3-D Shapes Cut and Paste Printable


A simple shape worksheet, this free printable will help your child get extra practice on understanding the three-dimensionality of some shapes. To begin with, he is instructed to cut out the shapes and glue them to the correct box. To reinforce the 3-D idea, you could print out an additional sheet and then let him draw the […]

FREE Printable First Grade Mini-Office


This free, printable First Grade Mini-Office is full of bright, cheerful charts and information. You simply print it out and glue inside a file folder. It is readily available to your student offering reminders of their phone number, shapes, days of the week, seasons, and so much more!Click here to download your free printables!

Free Bugs Shapes Math Game


It is important to ensure that learning is a fun activity in order for your kids to want to learn. Little learners need to work on their counting skills and shape recognition. Finding fun, educational games is a great way to encourage your kids to enjoy learning! Your kids will have fun working on math […]

25 Adorable Heart Shaped Craft Ideas for Preschool

Christmas decorations. little girl made and painted the heart

Do your preschoolers love hearts? One of my little girls loves hearts. She says it’s her favorite shape! These are great crafts to do if you are learning about the heart shape or when learning about Love or Valentine’s Day. These are so adorable! You will have so much fun doing these with your little […]

FREE Learning About Quadrilaterals Printable Cards


These free Quadrilateral Printable Cards will give your student hands-on practice. Some children just need to get their hands on manipulatives for a concept to click in their brain. The cards can be used with basic popsicle sticks to form the different shapes. A compass can be used to measure the angles.Click here to download […]

FREE Valentine’s Day PreK Fun Pack


Finding fun learning activities for your little ones is important to encourage their love for learning! Preschoolers love to use fun themed printables while they’re learning new things. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and your preschoolers will have fun with this FREE Valentine’s Day PreK Fun Pack! Inside you’ll find shape, counting, puzzle activities, […]