45+ Flower Themed Printables & Activities

Spring is here and that means flowers are blooming all around. Which also makes it the perfect time to study them! Check out these FREE Flower Themed Printables & Activities!! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

Spring is here and it means that soon we will all begin to see flowers popping up. Here are some great activities and printables to help your little ones enjoy the flowers inside their homeschool just as much as they¬†do outside!FREE Flower Themed Worksheets for Preschool – 1st GradeFREE Flower Identification FlashcardsDissecting Flowers for Kids […]

Life Cycle of a Plant FREE Printable Pack

PlantLifeCycle (1)

There is so much to learn about the life cycle of a plant, and it’s really a part of science that kids can wrap their minds around. With just a few seeds and this free printable pack, you can share the joy of gardening with your child! The printable pack includes sequencing cards, coloring pages, […]

Gardening with Kids: FREE How Fast Will My Plant Grow Printable


If you have ever planted seeds with your children, you know how the excitement is almost palatable. What a wonderful way to learn about creation, life, and botany! You can help her be involved in the sometimes-slow process of seed germination and growth with this tracking sheet. Each week, grab your child, a ruler, a […]

The Ultimate Egg Carton Seed Starter For Kids


You may feel like you’re going to freeze to death where you’re living, but there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate spring anyway! Check out this very fun, hands-on method for starting seeds. The kids will enjoy this activity and it might take your mind off of the cold, gloomy weather!Click here to start seeds […]

FREE Printable Life Cycle of a Plant Pack


For those of you that are neck-deep in winter weather, here is a freebie that can bring you a little hope and excitement! Dream about springtime with this free, printable Life Cycle of a Plant Pack. It includes sequencing cards, coloring pages, labeling charts, and worksheets. It would be wonderful to study this pack with […]

FREE Printable Garden Notebook


I can’t help but find myself so excited about spring! My roses are blooming, and my crape myrtles are leafing out. It’s glorious! On top of it all, I am bound and determined to grow something from seed and to get my children involved in all of the fun. Do you have plans to enjoy […]

FREE Sprout House Template


Spring is here. If you’ve been studying seeds and even gotten your children in on the seed-sprouting action, you’ll want to print these adorable free Sprout Houses! They are a wonderful way to showcase your sprouting seeds!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with […]

Parts of a Seed Felt Puzzle and FREE Printable


Does your family start seeds every spring? What a great learning opportunity that makes! This Parts of a Seed Felt Puzzle is fairly easy and inexpensive to make, and it comes with a free printable. Of course, it’s completely reusable too!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]