FREE Tree Educational Videos and Songs


In the fall, the air feels crisp and the trees are just beautiful. These free tree songs, rhymes, and educational videos are for a variety of ages. Your homeschool can use them to learn about trees and seasons. Trees can be studied at any time of year, although spring and fall are probably the most […]

24 Free Preschool Printables to Learn the Seasons


Recitation is such a good way to stimulate and encourage little minds to acquire knowledge. These catchy and sweet preschool recitations and poems to learn the seasons are educational fun for your preschooler. Every month includes two cute rhyming poems that you can review and memorize with your child. These preschool times are one of […]

Creative Homeschooling with the Seasons with FREE Printable Pack


The weather change between summer and fall is almost as dramatic as the change between winter and spring. They are both to be reveled in, but people young and old grow nostalgic about the memories that are made in the cooler months. Wherever you live and whatever season you are experiencing, you can incorporate it […]

FREE Printable Weather Unit Study


The weather is such an interesting topic to study with children. Like adults, they¬†are naturally curious about the wind, rain, and the snow. (I know of some adults who like to keep the tv station tuned round-the-clock to the weather forecast!) Enjoy exploring the water cycle, seasons, disaster preparedness and more with this free, printable […]

FREE Printable Graphing and Seasons Worksheet


Everyone likes to talk about their own likes and dislikes. This worksheet is perfect for use during a science study on weather and seasons. It is also perfect to use for a math study on graphing. Either way, it requires asking other people their opinion on the subject of seasons and then graphing that opinion […]

FREE File Folder School Printables for Pre-K-K


This is SO cute! I love this idea for my Kindergartner this year. We are going to be printing this out and adding it to her desk to practice each morning. Grab yours at the link below!DOWNLOAD IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool […]