FREE Encouraging School Themed Scripture Printables


Now that you are getting into the swing of things this homeschool year, you may be need some encouragement for your struggling or discouraged kiddos. The back to school themed scripture memory and journaling pack will help focus them on God’s Word. The free pack includes X12 scripture cards (King James Version), X1 bible journaling template and […]

FREE Printable Scripture Cards for Moms


Use these free printable scripture cards for some mommy encouragement this year. Some times things just get too overwhelming, too hard, too chaotic , too much, and so times like these could use  help from God’s Word. Grab these 20 printable scripture cards with scriptures to help encourage you in the day-to-day of motherhood and […]

Study And Memorize The Ten Commandments {Free Printable Pack}


Grab this free printable pack to help you and your family study and memorize the ten commandments. The pack includes a full-page, bookmarks, and scripture card printables with all ten commandments on each. They will be great to hang up on the fridge, place them in a binder, to mark your reading, or just keep […]

Pray Over Your Homeschool- FREE Printable Scripture Cards


Looking back in our last year homeschooling, and I know that there are some things we think (or know) we could have done better. However, there is one thing that most of us could probably have done more of… and that is praying. We should be earnestly praying for our children and for our homeschooling; […]

52 Weeks of Praying for Your Family (90+ Page Freebie!)


Do you want to pray more intentionally for your family this year? Download the FREE Read, Pray, Love system at Proverbial Homemaker! This printable is over 90 pages and comes in ESV and KJV versions. Here’s what is included: – Simple Bible reading checklist – Scripture memory checklist – 52 weeks of scripture cards – […]

FREE Printable Bible Verse Cards For Praying Over Your Children


When you subscribe to The Purposeful Mom, you’ll get this FREE set of 14 printable Bible verse cards for praying over your children.GET THEM HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

FREE Printable Verse Cards


Get these FREE “Teach Us To Pray” printable verse cards from Path Through the Narrow Gate. Teach us to Pray Verse Cards is a free printable which takes verses from throughout the Bible and places them into the categories of worship, thanksgiving, petition, and confession of sins. By using one card from each category each […]

FREE Armor of God Scripture Memory Cards


Are you taking the Kids in the Word Family Scripture Memory Challenge? If so, here are your March scripture cards. If you aren’t taking the challenge, these cards will still be beneficial to you and your kids!GET THEM HEREAKids in the Word Family Scripture Memory Challenge! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and […]