FREE Science Activity and Mayflower Craft


Are you looking for some unique activities to do with your homeschool for November? This cool Mayflower craft and engaging science activity will be a great monthly theme for your homeschool teach about our history during this time. The craft may be slightly advanced for little ones, but they will have fun learning with the […]

FREE Elementary + Middle School Science Packet


I really needed some super cute notebooking pages for ecology, biology, astronomy, and botany for my 6th and 9th graders this year. My younger daughter is covering a huge span of science topics using Beautiful Feet Book’s History of Science while my oldest is enjoying Biology from Sabbath Mood this year. I love both of […]

52 STEM Activities and Science Experiments

stem curriculum label

These 52 STEM activities, projects, and challenges include science, technology, engineering, and math for your homeschool lessons. The fun activities will help your children and students investigate through learning. You can integrate more STEM and science into your homeschool schedules. This will get your kids thinking outside of the box and exploring different subjects with […]

Book Lists on Frog Life Cycle, Parts of a Frog for Kids, Resources and Printables


Children find life cycles so very interesting! This printable set about the frog life cycle is so much fun (and educational)!   This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to check out this freebie from The Natural Homeschool now! Insect Lore Frog Life Cycle StagesMontessori Frog Life Cycle Animal Match […]

5 Reasons Your Homeschool Should Study Shakespeare


It may seem intimidating, but before you say “no way”, check out these 5 good reasons to teach Shakespeare in your homeschool. I have recently met people from different walks of life and countries. I have met many people from Australia, New Zealand and England. I am from the Bronx, New York, so their speech […]

FREE Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets


With these free worksheets, kids explore the chicken life cycle. The main goal is to learn the transformation of the chicken from egg to the adult in a fun and meaningful way. Chicken life cycle poster. Chicken life cycle reading cards. Cut and Paste the chicken life cycle activity. Label the stages of chicken life […]

Hands-On Life Cycle Activities (Montessori-Inspired)


There are a slew of hands-on materials to make learning about life cycles extra fun for your homeschool. Check out these Montessori-inspired life cycle activities for over 15 animals and insects. The activities are simple and engaging. I think my kids will love the sea turtle life cycle. Sea turtles are protected where we live, […]

FREE Games to Teach Chemistry (Elementary to High School)


Chemistry can be a hard subject for lots of kids; it was a hard subject for me as well. I feel their pain. However, these board games can help you teach chemistry with fun games for ages 8+, middle school, high school, and older. Kids either are super interested in chemistry lessons or not. Thankfully, […]

FREE Solar System Printables


These aren’t your ordinary solar system printables, as they focus on language arts and writing. The free solar system printables elementary learning packet features eight pages of space and solar system themed activities. This post also shares some other cool ideas for space-themed learning. The worksheets are perfect for kids from kindergarten through fifth grade. […]