FREE Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets


With these free worksheets, kids explore the chicken life cycle. The main goal is to learn the transformation of the chicken from egg to the adult in a fun and meaningful way. Chicken life cycle poster. Chicken life cycle reading cards. Cut and Paste the chicken life cycle activity. Label the stages of chicken life […]

Hands-On Life Cycle Activities (Montessori-Inspired)


There are a slew of hands-on materials to make learning about life cycles extra fun for your homeschool. Check out these Montessori-inspired life cycle activities for over 15 animals and insects. The activities are simple and engaging. I think my kids will love the sea turtle life cycle. Sea turtles are protected where we live, […]

FREE Games to Teach Chemistry (Elementary to High School)


Chemistry can be a hard subject for lots of kids; it was a hard subject for me as well. I feel their pain. However, these board games can help you teach chemistry with fun games for ages 8+, middle school, high school, and older. Kids either are super interested in chemistry lessons or not. Thankfully, […]

FREE Solar System Printables


These aren’t your ordinary solar system printables, as they focus on language arts and writing. The free solar system printables elementary learning packet features eight pages of space and solar system themed activities. This post also shares some other cool ideas for space-themed learning. The worksheets are perfect for kids from kindergarten through fifth grade. […]

Experiment for Finding Volume- FREE Story and Worksheet


Check out these simple science experiments about finding and comparing volumes of objects. This is Part 2 of the project, and you can find Part 1 by clicking here. This awesome resource shows measuring volume and comparing sizes of unusual shapes through water displacement with a story of Archimedes and the mystery of the golden crown. […]

FREE Printable Science Lab Notebook


This free science lab notebook is totally customizable and compatible with all science curricula and experiment books. The 55-page digital download has space to record materials, notes, and to draw and write about observations. The lab book includes a cover page, fill-in table of contents, notebooking pages and more. Click here for this 55 page free digital science lab notebook download […]

Activities for Kids Using STEAM


If your kids love science, then your homeschool will have some learning fun with these STEAM activities for kids. Check out these STEAM activities to learn with science, technology, engineering, art and math all in one. The activities are so much fun and will be a hit for homeschoolers of all ages. STEAM activities make […]

FREE Printable Moth and Butterfly Venn Diagram


Grab this moths and butterflies Venn Diagram for your homeschool science lesson. This is a great time of year to study moths and butterflies in your homeschool, and this Venn diagram is perfect for comparing and contrasting the two. Even younger learners can use this resource as the printable also includes cut and paste characteristics […]