FREE Printable Stargazing Scavenger Hunt


Here in Florida, you would never want to go stargazing during the summer. The mosquitoes might very well pick you up and carry you away. But, now that our evenings are cooling off, it’s the perfect time to stargaze! Your student can enjoy the night sky even more when you have him identify the moon phases […]

FREE Printable I’m Thankful Feathers & Scavenger Hunt


I often have big ambitions when it comes to the holidays, but when the time comes, I lose sight. Even though Thanksgiving Day is still a few weeks away, don’t let that stop you from preparing right now! These free, printable I’m Thankful Feathers & Scavenger Hunt is something that you can print out and […]

FREE Printable Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt


Nothing tests our multi-tasking skills quite like a trip to the grocery store. Right, moms? Turn it into a more peaceful time with this free, printable Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt! There’s also a printable for Grocery Store Bingo which is perfect for your littler children.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

4 Free Seasonal Nature Walk Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Seasonal Nature Walks

With the changing of the seasons, my kids and I start looking forward to the newness of the upcoming season. Falling leaves in fall. Rainbows and budding flowers in spring. The first snowflake of winter. With this fun collection of nature walk scavenger hunt printables, your kids can enjoy the new seasons, as well. Print them […]

FREE Printable Existing Light Scavenger Hunt


This is for upper elementary students and above. Do you have a child that is interested in photography? The understanding and use of light is what divides a photograph from a masterpiece. This free, printable Existing Light Scavenger Hunt is a fabulous, fun tool to heighten awareness of sources of light.Click here to download your […]

FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt Cards


Yes, it’s chilly out, but in several parts of the country it’s still pleasant enough to bundle up and take a walk! Have some fun and print out these free Scavenger Hunt Cards for your younger elementary children. These printables are great because they will refine their observation skills. Perhaps they’ll even be able to […]