Teaching Financial Literacy for Teens


It is so important to equip our children with real life lessons to apply to their everyday lives. Teaching our children about financial literacy is essential and this post will explain just how to do it. I remember as a young adult, already in the military, not knowing how to write a check, let alone […]

Shoestring Budget Homeschooling Tricks


I originally thought that homeschooling will cost an arm and a leg. However, we can learn several tricks to providing the best possible homeschool curriculum for the least amount of money. Most of us have had a shoestring budget for all but our first year of homeschooling. We spent a lot of money at first, and […]

8 Ways to Afford Organic Foods on a Budget


Many families have seen their grocery bill shoot up considerably since buying natural and organic food. It can get pretty frustrating. How is that finally making a choice to eat food that is given to us by the Creator of the universe so expensive? Well, we are definitely a little misguided idea but with just […]

Teaching Kids How to Use Money Wisely with FREE Printable


Whether our children have money from gifts, jobs, or an allowance, it is our responsibility to teach them to use it wisely. Even while they’re young we can teach them to save, spend, and give. The free printable is a tracking sheet that will enable your child to actually record where her money is going.Click here to […]

Free Personal Finance Course on Study.com – Through 11/01/2016


Study.com wants to help you build your financial skills and confidence with free access to their college-level Personal Finance course. Prepare for your financial future with free access to Study.com’s Personal Finance course! Learn how to invest successfully, handle your accounts, and build your retirement. This college course is packed with fun video lessons and easy-to-understand […]