6 Things We Rarely Spend Money On


Read about 6 things this money saving family rarely spend money on. It is always good to glean from other families on what helps them budget and save money. Somethings we should chose to invest in and some things we really could use to live without. Check out what this family has decided to refrain […]

Money Saving Tips for Eating Out with Kids


Check out these money saving tips for eating out with kids without breaking the bank. Your family can enjoy a special family evening out, without that anxiety filled nauseous feeling in anticipation of the check. I love love love eating out, and I think my kids love it even more. Mommy gets a cooking and […]

FREE Printable 52 Week Money Challenge for Teens


Do your teens need help with saving money?If your teens need help with saving money, maybe it will help them to see the bigger picture. I love how this challenge shows just how fast their money can grow. It could be a little challenging towards the end of the year, but would be great motivation […]