Free eBook: Internet Kids – Road Trip


In the world of electronic devices becoming our best friends, it’s inevitable for our kids to follow our footsteps. And as we all know, online world is full of dangers, be it sex offenders or identity theft, our kids are vulnerable as never before. Teach your little ones basics of online safety with this colorful […]

DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner


This DIY all natural, safe and non-toxic toy cleaner recipe is safe for little ones who like to put toys in their mouth. To just be honest, I don’t know a little one how doesn’t put things in their mouth. It could freak some parents out… every time. However , you don’t have to go frantic every […]

Nature-Inspired Sensory Bottles


Nature Inspired Sensory Bottles can be used for safe no mess safe sensory play, a teaching aid, a time out tool, and to help children (and adults) calm down and unwind. These bottles are a great way for babies and toddlers to safely investigate natural items without the risk of choking on them. Not to mention, that they are beautiful […]