Teach Your Homeschoolers Independence!


Help your homeschoolers learn to use their free time wisely and gain an important life skill with this packet, currently available as a “Pay What You Want” deal! “Free Time Choices: Learning Independence” helps you teach your homeschoolers to use their free time for independent activities. This will not only help maintain order in a […]

FREE Encouragement and Rewards Packet


Incorporate positive reinforcement into your homeschooling with this free packet! Positive reinforcement is a tried-and-true method for encouraging wanted behavior, and this packet is a fun way to incorporate that method into your homeschooling! This free download includes several Punch Cards and Rewards Cards with fun designs, plus ideas on how to use them to […]

Free Printable Kid’s Chore, Reading, & Kindness Reward Punch Cards


These free Punch Cards are a fun way to motivate your child to do his chores, complete his reading, or simply be kind! They are a colorful and exciting way to catch your child doing something good! When the punch card is full, reward your little angel with a prize!Click here to download your free […]

Children’s Free Printable Kid’s Coupons Tickets


This is a great way to encourage and reward your child! Tickets are available in two colors. You can choose whether to use the pre-printed rewards or to fill in your own rewards!Click here to download your Free Printable Kid’s Coupons! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning […]