FREE Revolutionary War Game

A Spy for General Washington Board Game

A Spy for General Washington Board Game tests your knowledge of the American Revolution with 255 questions about this key point in history. In this game, you are a spy for the American patriots during the Revolutionary War. Your mission is to collect thirteen key pieces of information and deliver them safely to General Washington’s […]

10 Interesting Facts About the Revolutionary War and FREE Foldable Revolutionary War Timeline Organizer


The Revolutionary War is such an interesting part of America’s history! If you’re like me, you only remember bits and pieces of the stories. Whenever I hear the full stories again, I am always wowed! These 10 Interesting Facts About the Revolutionary War will pique your elementary child’s desire to study the subject further. The free, […]

Help your kids become “informed patriots!”


Great Americans: The Founders is the first volume in a new series of books designed to provide a fun, quick, patriotic introduction to American history and is rich in facts, trivia, and historical images that shed light on the founding of the country. Readers of this book will: Be exposed to the words, ideas and […]

FREE Valley Forge Coloring Book

Valley Forge Coloring Book

The Valley Forge coloring book is a fun way to combine history and handwriting practice. Each page includes large-print copywork to trace, perfect for young writers. In this free printable, your little ones will get to color cabins, a cannon, a hut with fire pit, George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Baron von Stuben, a soldier with […]

FREE American history activities!!


Author Susan Kilbride has written some FREE American history activities to go along with the books in her Our America chapter book series (Ages 10-13). These activities can be used with any American history unit. Click on this link to go to the page on her website that has the free activities and information about her […]

FREE Revolutionary War Printable Pack


Learn all about the American Revolutionary War with this FREE Pack from It comes with 110 pages of both educational and fun activities for the kids. This pack is for children ages 2-8. There is a 42 page tot pack for younger ages.DOWNLOAD THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PACK HERE. Need An Affordable Approach to […]