Printable End-of-Year Homeschool Evaluation (FREE Until May 30, 2017)


The best time to plan your next homeschool year is before the current one ends. These free, printable pages will help you record what worked and what didn’t work, assess your child in different areas, record field trips and books read, and much more! These 17 pages has it all – there’s even an area […]

5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Aloud to Your Child with 8 FREE Printables


Long before a child can string written words together to read, he can participate in the glory and wonder of hearing a story. There is so much more that is happening in the simple act of reading to our children than first meets the eye. I was absolutely delighted the day I learned that there […]

FREE Printable Book Report Pack


Book reports are an important part of school work, but honestly, neither moms nor children are usually very excited about them. Make everyone’s life easier with this free, printable Book Report Pack! It includes a reading pack, worksheets, creativity prompts, and more to help your child get the job done!Click here to download your free […]

Celebrate November with Free Printables, Book List, and More

YRH November

I can’t believe we’re on the downward slide to a brand new year. But, don’t let November pass you by. There is much to celebrate this month – aside from Thanksgiving Day.┬áNovember is packed full of fun holidays to celebrate all month long. Tara, at Embark on the Journey, has compiled a fun list of […]

FREE Printable Summer Reading Program


Summer is such a wonderful time to encourage your child to love reading. During the school year, my children are busy reading as it pertains to their schoolwork and they don’t have time for fun books. Because of this, reading for pleasure during the summer has really picked up at my house.What do you do […]