FREE Printable Charlotte Mason Style Lesson Sheets for McGuffey Readers


These Charlotte Mason Style free lesson printable sheets will help provide children with the tools they need to read and find information. These lessons are open-ended and adaptable to fit almost any learning style or situation. The printable notebooking pages help streamline the reading process and make lesson prep time shorter.Click here for these Charlotte […]

FREE Printable Level 2 Phonics-Based Reading Passages


Keep your young learners engaged with these awesome tips and free printable phonics reading passages for Level 2 readers. The phonics activities incorporate learning strategies with simple instructions and interactive activities that improve literacy development. The free phonics based reading passages fluency and skill based reading comprehension notebook includes comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and writing. These […]

FREE Reading Comprehension Strategies for Kids

books front empty blackboard

Explore these nine reading comprehension strategies to help your child learn and grow as a reader. Teaching reading comprehension can be super hard if your child is a struggling reader. Comprehension is a combination of reading, thinking, and reasoning. It isn’t simple to teach this at times and it isn’t easy to teach for children who learn differently or […]

FREE Printable Little Red Riding Hood Mini Book Set


This mini book set includes three levels of reader versions for the story Little Red Riding Hood. The colorful images paired with a shortened version of the story make this perfect for all early readers. The mini books don’t require much prep, except to print pages, cut them and staple them together. The  three readers include a […]

FREE Printable Charlotte Mason Style Lesson Sheets for the McGuffey and Other Readers


Lovers of the McGuffey Readers are going to love these Charlotte Mason-style Lesson Sheets! Each page has an area dedicated to copywork, narration, or dictation. If you’re not familiar with the McGuffey Reader, they’re worth your time to become better acquainted with; however, these pages would also work with any reader, short story, poem, or […]

Free Valentine’s Day Worksheets for Beginning Readers


Your little readers will have more fun working on their reading skills when you incorporate fun reading activities into their day! Reading is one of the first set of lessons that children must be taught, but sometimes it can seem boring trying to read the same words over and over again. Make Valentine’s Day learning more […]

Penguin Emergent Readers


Penguins are so cute! Kids love to watch them, learn about them, and read about them! In All You Do has a set of Penguin Emergent Readers that your kids will love! Inside you’ll find 4 different levels of Penguin Emergent Readers for your kids to enjoy! Stop by and download your free copy today! Need An Affordable […]