FREE Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson


Our homeschool days are perfect for teaching God’s holy word to our preschoolers. It can be difficult, at times, to teach Bible lessons to our youngest learners. This FREE Bible lesson on Noah and the flood is written with preschoolers in mind. In this absolutely free lesson, your child will be introduced to Noah and […]

FREE Printable Weather Pre-K Pack


Preschoolers and kindergarteners love talking about the weather. Rain, wind, sun, snow…they notice it all. Use this free, printable Weather Pre-K Pack to enhance your child’s learning about weather! The little illustrations make me happy just looking at them – rainbows, clouds, the sun – and they will do the same for your youngster!Click here to […]

FREE Vintage Rainbow Pinwheel Printable and Tutorial


The weather is lovely outside and perfect for some pinwheel fun! (If it’s not lovely outside where you live, just hang on! It’s coming!) This free Vintage Rainbow Pinwheel printable and tutorial will inspire your children. Crafting the pinwheel will be fun in and of itself; but then you could use it to study the […]

Build a 3D Rainbow Measurement Activity with FREE Printable


Everyone loves a rainbow! Your child will enjoy this fun math measurement activity that is visually interesting. The free printable will allow your child to measure and cut out the strips that turn into a rainbow. Instructions are included.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress […]

Free Rainbow Bear Preschool Letter Worksheets


Preschoolers love hands on learning activities, and your little ones will love Free Rainbow Bears Preschool Letter Worksheets! One of the first steps on a child’s homeschooling journey is to learn the letters of the alphabet. Teaching your preschooler their letters in fun, unique ways is a great way to reinforce your homeschooling lessons! These worksheets […]