FREE Printable Weather Pre-K Pack


Preschoolers and kindergarteners love talking about the weather. Rain, wind, sun, snow…they notice it all. Use this free, printable Weather Pre-K Pack to enhance your child’s learning about weather! The little illustrationsĀ make me happy just looking at them – rainbows, clouds, the sun – and they will do the same for your youngster!Click here to […]

FREE Rainy Day Fun Printable


Rain is so wonderful! We woke up to it this morning and were so thankful that we didn’t have anywhere to be today. We just enjoyed the ambiance all day long!The next time it rains at your house, grab this free Rainy Day Fun printable. It will be the perfect opportunity to learn where the […]

FREE Printable Paper Umbrella Craft


This is just too cute and would be a perfect accompaniment for a study on rainy weather! After printing, your student uses watercolors to add beautiful designs on theĀ free Paper Umbrella Craft. It would also be terrific to use as a creative writing project. Let your kids do the craft and then create a story. […]

All Kinds of Weather – Resources, printables, activities & MORE

Weather can be so much fun to study. Check out this HUGE list of Weather themed resources including FREE printables, crafts, activities & MORE!! ::

Living in Oklahoma most of my life, we experienced all 4 seasons of weather. Sometimes even in the same day! I became fascinated with all things weather at an early age and can remember “watching” tornadoes travel through town while sitting on our roof. (Don’t worry – we were with my Dad and safe.)My kids […]