6 FREE Sketchbook Prompts and Printables


Providing your kids with an easy way to start drawing can be just what you need with these free sketchbook prompts. A blank page can be frustrating to a child when they can’t think of things to draw or express themselves. However, when they have a sketching prompt it may be a little easier for them. These seasonal […]

FREE Writing Prompts from the Life of Christ


Help your kids dig deeper in their faith with these writing prompts from the life of Christ. Now that Easter has come and gone this year, it would be great time to continue with the Gospels and remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Teach kids about prayer, humility, and the greatest King who […]

FREE Writing Prompts from History for Teens


My kids love writing, but if I am being honest, sometimes it is hard to think up writing prompts. For teenagers, it is even harder as their knowledge base grows and they need to be challenged. So, why not try combining history or science topics with writing prompts. This way, the teen is practicing writing […]

FREE Printable Fall Creative Writing Prompts


I love giving my kids worksheets that are interesting and relates to what’s going on their lives right now. We are still in the thick of hot weather here in Florida, but my kids are already pestering me about putting up the fall decorations. We can notice in the direction and angle from which the sunlight […]

FREE Printable April Elementary Writing Prompts


My word! The days are flying by faster than ever before, and I am having a hard time believing that April is just a few days away! But, it is, so we can maximize on it by enjoying these free, printable April Elementary Writing Prompts. Your kids will enjoy writing about Easter, spring, rainy days, […]

How to Make a Writing Jar with 101 FREE Printable Prompts


Wow! Creative writing will be so much fun for your student with this Writing Jar idea! It comes with 101 free, printable writing prompts. Some of the prompts are serious while others are funny. It’s a great way to get your student looking forward to expressing himself creatively!Click here to download your free printables! Need […]