25 FREE Apps to Help Create Student Projects


This list of 25 FREE applications will help your digital learner to create homeschool projects with ease. The cloud-based apps will help your kiddos with anything from creating graphics, video, infographics, timelines, to maps and everything in between. Information is literally now at our fingertips. When I was tasked to create projects in public school, […]

FREE 13-Page Bright and Cheerful Planning Printables


This free 13-page planning printables set includes pages perfect to supplement your current planners. They are fantastic for anyone to use. I wanted to share them, because they were just too pretty not to. You might all have your planners ready for the year, and so do I. However, I had to keep these and […]

FREE Grading Rubric for Hands-On Activities and Projects


Learning how to grade hands-on homeschool activities and projects can be easy with this free grading rubric. Projects really help our older kids think critically and stay engaged. As your kids get older, grades really do matter more. They matter  because some states require grades and if you kid is college bound you will need to put something […]

Project-Based Learning in Your Homeschool- FREE Download


Check out this project-based learning step-by-step guide to help you in your homeschool. The featured 13 page step-by-step planning guide to plan project-based learning is a different learning method to use with your kids. The goal is for children to develop deep knowledge of a content area and to improve their planning, critical thinking, creativity, and […]

25+ Totally Awesome Science Fair Projects


Save these 25+ totally awesome science fair project ideas for primary and elementary students. Each of these ideas are simple enough that your child can take the lead on their very own. Even kindergarten learners can try some of these; with guidance from mom or dad, of course.Check out these 25+ totally awesome science fair projects […]

Awesome LEGO Science Projects


Try these awesome LEGO® science projects that get kids learning while having a ton of fun. These projects range from a flashlight, to a zipline, to a neat magnet maze. Learning science with LEGOs® is just a great combo. My son loves LEGOs® and I am so excited to try some of these projects with him and […]

10+ Adorable Easy-Sew Valentines Projects


You’ll love these adorable and easy Valentines sewing projects! I am just learning to sew, so I am so excited about doing one or two of these with my daughter. My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day,since we live in country that doesn’t really celebrate it. However, that won’t stop me from doing […]

25 Art Projects Inspired by Famous Artists: Post-Impressionism


If you have an art lover at home, these 25 art projects inspired by famous Post-Impressionism artists will be a hit. The art projects are inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Paul Cezanne. It is so cool that we are able to teach with visuals and hands-on experience in art. Keep your child’s […]