Fabric Printing with Crayons and Sandpaper


This permanent fabric printing method with crayons and sandpaper is super cool. It is especially do-able because it doesn’t require any special fabric medium, just plain old crayons. You can use plain crayons and sandpaper to make bright, colorful designs on any cotton t-shirt. These make great projects or birthday party activity.Click here fabric printing […]

Handwriting Notebooks with Lots of FREE Resources


Lots of practice is an important component of good penmanship, but did you know that there are other important reasons to practice handwriting? It also develops patterns and logic of spelling! Help your child understand that a priority is placed on handwriting practice by creating a notebook specially for the subject. There are lots of free practice […]

200+ FREE Printable Handwriting Worksheets


There is no excuse to have poor penmanship with these fantastic free, printable Handwriting Worksheets! Just print those beauties out and keep handing them to your student. He’ll be thrilled to know there are over 200 worksheets! Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with […]

FREE Printable Handwriting Packet


Children may learn their ABCs in preschool, but they usually need to refine their handwriting skill throughout the first several years of elementary school. I recently discovered that my 7th grader wasn’t forming his capital Bs properly!!! All that to say, that this free, printable Handwriting Packet will not only be extra practice, but will […]

FREE Printable Learning About Letters Worksheet


These free, printable Learning About Letters Worksheets are just adorable! I love the fonts, the layout, and the illustrations. If you’d like to give your child a little extra summertime handwriting practice, these worksheets will be perfect. You have two options: one normal lined version and one with Handwriting Without Tears lined version.Click here to […]